TopGolf Huntsville


Hayden Madison, Writer

Ran out of places to go to with your friends? Don’t be alarmed, TopGolf is a brand new golfing arena that guarantees a fun time out with the besties. TopGolf Huntsville offers a playful twist on golfing, and even includes a dining area. No golfing ability? No problem. TopGolf is a game for everyone of all ages no matter your golfing skills. How do you play? First, you have to register for a game card then collect your golf balls. Next, go to the bay area assigned to you, a bay is a cubicle you play out of. Lastly you select what game mode you want to golf on, then have fun! You can bring up to 20 people to play. Many people have business meets or lunches at TopGolf, such as Sarah Parvin who has been to may meets at TopGolf as shown in the picture Sarah can be seen alongside co-workers.

Sarah commented: “I had a wonderful time! It’s fun for everyone with little to no golfing experience or even the most experienced golfer! The food was delicious and the service was wonderful! It’s worth the price to go play and have a great time with friends or family! Highly recommend TopGolf!”

 Majority of those who have been to TopGolf highly recommend it. TopGolf displays a very professional website where you can sign up for a membership or schedule a game.

 “If you have a group, the price is very affordable for all they have to offer,” a student here at Bob Jones said. Many also say the pricing is on the high side but if you bring a group then it’s worth it.  

 “I have never been but I would like to go!” Another student said.

In conclusion, TopGolf is definitely a must and everyone should try it at least once. The food is exceptional and the overall experience has 5 stars. The pricing is not the worst but not the best, but it’s worth it. Lastly, I think TopGolf is the perfect place to meet up with friends, family, and even co-workers.