Rome to Greece: Food Review


Emilee Lamps, Writer

Rome to Greece, a locally owned European cafe, has only been open for about 100 days, but has surpassed many people’s expectations. This restaurant has a 5 star rating across all food review platforms (Yelp, Facebook review, and more). The environment is quite trendy, filled with pieces of European art, while playing French cafe music to submerse you into the culture. On the menu, John Yenigun, the owner, has something for everyone, including the pickiest of eaters. From Mediterranean, to Italian, to American cuisine, he has it all.

When asked about the ingredients used in the food, Yenigun proudly states, “When making my food, I believe in only using fresh, organic ingredients. I go shopping at Sprouts, so I can serve the freshest organic meals.”

The most popular item on the menu is the beef and lamb gyro on pita bread. I decided to try this and see what all the hype was about. The pita is beautifully warmed, making it the perfect comfort food. It’s filled with organic lettuce, onions, and tomatoes which bring out the spices in the beef and lamb. Each gyro comes with 5 slices of meat seasoned to perfection. There’s always room for dessert, so I decided to try the baklava. The baklava isn’t made in store, but is from a bakery named Hellas Bakery, which specializes in Greek desserts, both savory and sweet. Baklava is delivered fresh to the restaurant every day. The baklava is flaky, and has the perfect ratio of honey to cinnamon-covered walnuts, leaving you completely satisfied.

Along with the delicious food and fun atmosphere, Yenigun also offers free WiFi and a student discount, making it a great study spot for students. The calming French music and the faint coffee aroma that fills the air makes it the perfect spot to hang out and learn. Be sure to stop by at the address 1591 Hughes Road!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐