The Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards 2018

Garrett Sterling and Michael McGinley

Recently, the Game of the Year was announced. There were many good game contenders, like the game Celeste or Red Dead Redemption 2. Many people thought that Red Dead Redemption 2 would win. Out of the 30 Bob Jones students who answered our poll, 19 people thought that Red Dead Redemption 2 was the clear winner. The second most popular game people thought would win is Marvel’s Spiderman. Surprisingly, the game that won the title of Game of the Year was God Of War, but Red Dead Redemption 2 did win the fan vote.

Game of the Year is lead by Geoff Keighley who was a part of an original TV show on spike called the Spike Video Game Awards (VGA). He then recreated a new way of doing it called The Game Awards, which is streamed on Steam.

The game awards are believed to be worthless by some people, but also some think that it’s good for several reasons. Sophomore Bree Soto said,  “I think getting the award really boosts the company’s popularity for their later games. It can let you know if a game is really worth the money you spend on it.” On the otherhand, Brenna Oxley, a freshman, said, “Gaming is a hobby.” Charlie Makowski, a junior, said, “There are so many great games that are nothing alike and choosing one is just arbitrary. Overwatch won GOTY 2016 and OW sucks.” Dylan Hodge, another junior, said, “Fortnite winning Best Ongoing Game of the Year this year proves this point.”

Regardless, if you need something to do over the holiday break, you can check out the list of nominees and winners and maybe find something worthwhile.