O Captain! My Captain!


Aaron Michaels, Contributor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduces its latest hero into the fold as the beloved Captain Marvel makes her big screen debut this weekend. Being the MCU’s first female-led film, Marvel has clearly taken notes on Wonder Woman’s success and added their own signature style into bringing one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful heroes to life.

Captain Marvel tells the classic hero’s origin story, yet it breaks the format enough to avoid feeling redundant. The cinematography and visual effects are nothing short of stunning. Every aspect of the film’s design, setting, and style are perfect for the unique story and characters. Every frame of the film is beautifully shot and is completely immersive in its expansion of the MCU.

Despite Captain Marvel’s story beginning on the planet Hala, most of the cosmic hero’s story takes place right here on Earth. The 1990’s time setting does wonders for the film as it gives insight to what the pre-Avengers MCU looked like. Before Tony Stark revealed himself to the world as Iron Man and at a time when the only hero the world knew was an old wives tale of a soldier from 50 years prior. Captain Marvel is a crucial part of her world and an even more important part of ours. Captain Marvel inspires hope.

Throughout her film, she demonstrates what it takes to be a hero, not a magic hammer, nor web-slingers, but a good heart and a determined spirit. Yes, Captain Marvel can move a planet with her bare hands. But she is so much more than that. Carol Danvers was a hero long before she bore that star symbol on her chest. Her inner strength in how she handles difficult situations is as crucial to her character as her photon beams and super strength. Captain Marvel teaches us that being a true hero comes from the desire to help those in need and giving your all into bettering the lives of others. She is a glowing light (both literally and figuratively) in the daily fight to act with kindness in a world where that is not the easiest option.

The Air Force pilot turned alien superpowered soldier is set to take the foreground in next month’s Avengers: Endgame and be a leading force for the long-running franchise in the years ahead. Carol’s characterization and heart shown throughout Captain Marvel proves that the future of the MCU is in good hands. Watch your back, Thanos. Here comes Captain Marvel!

Be sure to check out Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters now.