Patriette’s Dance Team Goes To Nationals


Jenny Shaver, Writer

Bob Jones’ dance team competed in nationals in the magical world of Orlando’s Universal theme parks. The otherworldly venue was nothing in comparison to the magic of their overall experience.

Dance team member, Erin Neal, affirmed the true passion of their performances, stating that “being on stage was electric,” and that the team itself learned a lot from the trip because “this year was a learning experience for everyone.” As if making it to national competition for the first time wasn’t impressive enough, by day two of their trip, they were a small four points away from advancing to finals. Erin Neal also expressed her joy of the team’s cooperation and pronounced that “everything was a team effort,” mentioning that they were inspired through a pep talk, given by their sponsor, Mr. Gunner, to “dance for the person next to you,” which they took to heart during the events of the competition. 

When they weren’t competing, they had free time to entertain themselves and build closer relationships through the thrill of action-packed rides and the sweet taste of Hogsmeade’s famous Butterbeer, inspired by the beloved seasonal drink from the Harry Potter series. Their social media posts included images of the famous Hogwart’s castle and a sea of fanny packs. The official “Bob Jones Patrietttes” Instagram page posted a photo of the team posed in front of the iconic Universal globe, captioned “Patriettes had a great first day!! They competed in jazz and got some butter beer!!” 

With their eyes set on returning to Nationals next year, the dance team will be having tryouts in the near future. Mrs. Thomas is the transition point-of-contact if you need more information.