Cool Math Games Just Got Cooler


Julia Pimmel, Writer

Remember when you were in elementary school and you went to the computer lab? It was super exciting until you actually had to do work. At any chance you had you would either go on Cool Math Games or play Poptropica because that’s all the teacher would allow. It was usually Cool Math Games because games had to be educational. But now, the gods have looked down on us and given us the two things together: Poptropica, but on Cool Math Games. This new addition to Cool Math Games will open up limitless possibilities for kids who want to play Poptropica but are confined to the realm of Cool Math Games.

Poptropica is something that most kids play at some point (unless you were a Club Penguin kid), and it gives a lot of people fun games and challenges to play. In case you don’t already know, Poptropica is an online role-playing game where you can create your own character and meet new people while going on different quests, depending on which island you are on. You travel around in a hot air balloon, which is the coolest thing ever, and each island has a different set of challenges. You use your mouse to move, which was most times infuriating because of how many times you needed to stop or jump super quickly, but your mouse just wasn’t fast enough. However, it is a skill many are able to master.

Cool Math Games, on the other hand, is a site where there are educational games for kids to play, even though there are games that don’t necessarily seem educational. Some of the most popular games to play on Cool Math Games are Papa’s games, which involve you working in a multitude of restaurants, serving food to customers with increasing difficulty. Most of the games on Cool Math are problem-solving games, puzzles, logic based or skill based games.

Poptropica has a lot to offer for new players and nostalgia for old players, as it was developed in 2007, but many have forgotten about it. Now, a plethora of new kids going on Cool Math Games will be able to explore Poptropica for themselves, while older fans might rediscover an old favorite. Cool Math Games just got a little bit cooler.