She-Ra’s Back For Another Season!

Julia Pimmel, Writer

She-Ra and the Princess of Power is back for season two on Netflix! The reboot show from the ’80s has truly made a comeback, along with other shows from the ‘80s and ‘90s like Voltron and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The show follows a teenage girl named Adora on the planet Etheria, who is an up and coming captain of the Horde, a military regime which has been her family. She spends her time training to fight the so-called “evil” princesses the Horde warns her about with her best friend Catra in the Fright Zone, where the Horde’s operation is run. The rest of Etheria is portrayed with bright and vivid colors and animation, showing a stark contrast with the Fright Zone’s dark, cyber-punk aesthetic.

The main plot of the first season is Adora discovering that the Horde is evil, and that the Princesses she’d been told to fear are actually good. She goes into the Whispering Woods and finds a magical sword which turns her into She-Ra, the Princess of Power. After she figures out she can turn into the princess, she quickly abandons her life and soon-to-be Force Captain title behind for Glimmer, Bow, and other friends she meets on her journey who help her see the damage that the Horde is doing to Etheria. Adora’s quick and impulsive decisions leave Catra feeling like she doesn’t care about her and left her for new and better friends, which sets off a love-hate relationship between the two throughout the entire show.

Many of the characters in the show get more development than in the original show, which is expected, along with more intersectional and diverse characters. Most of the characters are strong female role models, giving more characters to a new generation of people who can relate to and see themselves as the strong, formidable characters. The new characters get introduced in an episode by themselves in each of the thirteen episodes so that people can get to know the characters before the story continues without explaining who is who. The majority of the episodes center around Adora and her newfound powers, but with each new prince and princess that we meet, we see new strengths and weaknesses arise in each character, including everyone back at the Horde.

Adora travels the world with her new friends to get the rest of the princesses together to take a stand against the Horde, which is trying to actually take over the world. We get to see the dynamics of everyone interacting, and how they each play a part in helping stop the Horde. Catra desperately tries to get Adora to come back to the Horde, along with Shadow Weaver, the second in command at the Fright Zone. We get to see a major battle at the end of the season, and it leaves off at a great place to be picked up for a second season (which it is!). Hopefully, this next season is just as thrilling and entertaining as the first one. The way the writers and creators set it up, makes it a wonderful show to continue and I hope that they keep the magic that they had in the first season and carry it into the new one.