Farewell to Memorable Shows on Netflix

Hayden Madison, Writer

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It is time to say goodbye to the favorite show of many involved Netflix watchers: The Office. With the absence of this show some people will weep, and some will cheer. This quirky show is known for its odd humor, making the comedy production a required taste. The reviews it got from students are very hot and cold. Payton Childress stated,“I have only watched a few episodes of The Office and to me personally it wasn’t something I really enjoyed. I feel like you have to have a certain sense of humor to really enjoy it.” Some will miss the show. For example, Madison Tanner explained, “I think it is a great show, and I love to watch it when I am sick or need a comfort show.” Personally, I believe The Office to be quite funny and different than any other show on the Netflix platform. Netflix will be taking 9 seasons of goofy quotes, tears, and some really weird- but somehow loveable characters off of its platform. The Office will be missed but never forgotten.

Another popular show getting put in the ground happens to be Pretty Little Liars. The reviews on this one are also very mixed, with people loving it and people hating it. Nathan Humpel stated, “ I love Pretty Little Liars mostly because of the plot, and I also love mysteries.” That was the most positive response out of the 52 responses received. Most students were ready to see this show leave. “I have seen 2 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. I enjoyed it, but after the second season I lost interest,” Grace Huinker said. Many of the opinions complain about repetition and the show dragging on for seasons. Maybe the most beneficial thing for Netflix is to bury this show in the dirt…                                                       

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie on Netflix and searched for the title of the movie only for those little words Results not found to pop up?  Yeah, we’ve all been through it. You swear that movie was just on Netflix the other day. Licenses are to blame for its disappearance. Whenever Netflix acquires a new title, they also obtain a license to that show, and that license has a certain time frame on it. When the expiration date for that title comes up, it is Netflix’s choice whether to renew it or not. However, if you visit their website there is an option to request longer show times. So, if you want to keep your favorite shows afloat, I suggest you hurry over to the Netflix website and fill out that form!


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