Frozen 2 Brings Emotions You Can’t Let Go Of


Aaron Michaels, Contributor

Disney’s newest animated film takes Anna, Elsa, and their friends into the unknown. Frozen 2 brings a familiar formula to new heights as it elevates both the characters and the world they inhabit. In a near-perfect sequel, Arendelle’s past expands as much as its future. Each facet of the original Frozen grows into a new and exciting thrill. 

The music is beautiful and gives a deeper glimpse into the psyche of the characters who sing it, rather than at the drop of a hat. (Keep an ear open for Kristoff’s solo, it is nothing short of glorious.) “Into the Unknown”, “Lost in the Woods”, and “The Next Right Thing” breathe life into an already lively and gorgeous film.

The animation is especially breathtaking this time around. As Elsa’s powers grow throughout the film, so does the grandeur and beauty in it. To contrast Elsa’s magic are the elemental forces she finds herself up against. Each of the four core elements provide a unique and tantalizing opposition for Elsa, and each have a distinct visual style. The elemental sequences are the strongest source of opposition in the film, as they each give a sense of genuine peril, each more of a threat than the last. The Fire is most enticing battle of the film as the purple-pink flame surges around Elsa’s bright blue ice blasts.

Frozen 2‘s strongest component is in its characters. Because the film has no direct antagonist, the leads are no longer waiting for life to happen. Their actions are no longer as static because their motivations are more organic. For example, Anna’s primary motivation stems from her moral true north towards Elsa and her people. The growth of her character and motivations has grown-up from the days when she acted out of guilt from Hans. Elsa’s character growth is the most prevalent as she no longer only acts out of fear of herself. She has finally become comfortable in her own skin, and readys herself to venture into mystery.

What sets Frozen 2 apart from other sequels is its expansion. Its newly explored world and characters feel as if they’ve existed all along. Sterling K. Brown’s new character Lieutenant Mattias feels as if he’s existed in Arendelle as long as Anna and Elsa have. Mattias’s role as a guiding figurehead brings wisdom and inspiration to Anna as she faces new challenges of conquering her own fear. As a lieutenant, Mattias also provides insight to what Arendelle looked like before Anna and Elsa, helping to expand it and its characters. The Northuldra people who live in the Enchanted Forest make a mark on the film as contrast to the ideals of Arendelle’s previous king. Their stance on the actions of the past, as well as Elsa and Company’s arrival, allow the world of Frozen to expand both in geography and morality. 

Frozen 2 is a beautiful film full of heart, charm, love, and joy. Living up to the phenomenon of Frozen must not have been an easy task, yet the filmmakers managed to surpass it. Frozen 2 takes every piece of Frozen that made it such a beloved success, and elevates it into a perilous and beautiful adventure that’s sure to take your breath away.

Frozen 2 is now playing in theatres.