Ford v. Ferrari in Review


Lydia Isom, Writer

If you’re a fan of racing, then you most likely have heard of Ken Miles and his almost victory. If you haven’t, then the movie Ford v. Ferrari(2019) is for you. 

The cast includes Matt Damon(as Carroll Shelby), Christian Bale(as Ken Miles), Josh Lucas(as Leo Beebe), and many more. The film itself is visually appealing, especially given the fact that most of the many stunts in the movie are done live. The soundtrack is also well done, swapping between tense music during the racing scenes and smooth jazz for less high-action moments. 

The film tells the story of the development of the Ford GT40, which won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966. The car’s development was headed by Carroll Shelby, the creator of the company Shelby American. One of the most well known drivers was Ken Miles, who even though he placed second at Le Mans, was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame. Miles and Shelby worked together with Ford to create a racecar that would surpass Ferrari, who was one of Ford’s leading competitors at the time.

Even if you’re not all that interested in racing, the movie is still entertaining. The characters are interesting, the movie is visually appealing, and it just sucks a viewer in. And if you do know a lot about racing? Feel free to geek out over the film.