Fastest Man Alive


Kirsten Stiggers, Contributor

We all know of The Flash, “the Fastest Man Alive,” but have you heard of The Flashpoint Paradox? For those who don’t know, Flashpoint is a story in which the Flash goes back in time to save his mother from death and causes a whole new set of problems for his new future. These problems affect every member of the Justice League (including a dead Batman).

Last week, Warner Brothers announced the Flash’s solo film would adopt “a very different version” of this storyline for the DCEU, with Justice League actor Ezra Miller to return as Barry Allen. The Flash movie has been in and out of development since 2014 and has gone through 3 directors since then. Now, with It and It: Chapter 2 director Andy Muschietti attached, fans have been given a sign that this DCEU outing is actually happening; a sign that says in big bright letters: FLASHPOINT. Ezra Miller has been pushing for Flash’s solo movie despite all of its delays and bumps down the road. His excitement for playing the Scarlet Speedster is one of the major reasons Flashpoint has fans excited (well, that AND the Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo for the Arrowverse).  In an interview with Collider, Ezra Miller expressed his excitement for the project, “What fans understand when they hear Flashpoint would be almost like hearing a word like ‘Crisis.’ We start to understand that our precious DC Universe will inevitably be torn asunder…” 

The main question is how are they going to create the storyline? In both the comics and the animated film, Barry’s actions cause a ripple effect that changes not only him, but also the entire timeline. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are in the midst of a massive war, Superman has been used for government experiments, Bruce Wayne died and his typically dead father becomes the Caped Crusader. With that being said, will Flashpoint be mainly centered around the Justice League or will it be centered around the fastest man alive? 

Warner Bros’s DC films have been hit-or-miss when it comes to fan reaction. Maggie Brown said, “I love the movie! It’s definitely a new classic in animated superhero films, and the plot will lend itself perfectly to the live-action DCEU.” Aaron Michaels said, “YES YES YES YES!!!! I think Flashpoint would make an excellent film and also give the DCEU the hard reboot it needs to match up to competing comic book continuous universes.” Not all were as excited, though. Aiden Franks said, “The animated movie adaptation was dumb as most of the dc animated adaptation of comics are.”

I conducted an interview with YA author and self-proclaimed DC Comics fangirl, Natasha Larry, on her opinion of Warner Brothers’ decision to move forward with a Flashpoint styled movie. 

Do you enjoy reading books or comics? If so what are your favorite ones to read?
I enjoy reading both books and comics. Batman is my favorite!

Do you enjoy reading Flash comics or watching The Flash on the CW? Or anyone else’s story from the DC universe?
Yes. I haven’t read many Flash comic books but I love the show and I’ve seen a few animated movies with him. I enjoy Superman and Wonder Woman comics as well.

Have you ever watched The Flashpoint Paradox? How did you like it or feel about it?
Yes, I really enjoyed it. One of the few time travel stories that didn’t make my head hurt. I loved that Thomas Wayne was Batman.

They have decided to make a Flashpoint live-action starring Ezra Miller as The Flash. What is your opinion on this?
I think it’ll be great. I loved him in Justice League and if any Flash story should get a live-action movie it should be Flashpoint.

What kind of work have you done for DC? What aspect of a Flashpoint film excites you the most? Do you think Flashpoint could have further implications to change the DCEU?I used to contribute to DC Wiki. I’m excited to see how close they stick to the comics and I’d love to see evil Wonder Woman. And I think Flashpoint has the potential to change the entire DCEU. They can literally do anything from the Flashpoint and even fix things they messed up.

The new Flashpoint adaptation seems like it will be entertaining for new viewers and comic book readers alike. Love it or hate it, we’ll find out what becomes of this when The Flash speeds into theatres on July 1, 2022.