One Year of Apex Legends and Season 4


Garrett Sterling, Writer

Apex Legends celebrated the first anniversary of its release this month, and the developers at Respawn Entertainment released the long-awaited Season 4 with a brand new battle pass, a new bolt action sniper, the recently teased character Revenant, and a major map change.
Apex Legends is a free battle royale game that was made by Respawn entertainment and produced by EA and is set in the Titanfall universe. The thing that sets it apart from other battle royale games is its unique characters with special abilities and was also the game that first implemented a respawn mechanic that could revive dead teammates. Also many of the guns from Titanfall like the Wingman and the Devotion for example.
Let’s take a step back and look at Apex’s original release in 2019. Apex is a weird case in the gaming industry because it was spontaneously released for free on Playstation, Xbox, and PC as soon as the trailer went up. According to PCGamer, the game when it first launched hit 50 million players within its first month. On launch, there were six free playable characters but two were unlockable with in-game currency that you get from playing. The original map that was played on before Season 1 until the end of Season 2, was called King’s Canyon. It was smaller compared to the current map in Season 4.
Season 1, Wild Hunt, was seen as a pretty big flop because there was nothing worthwhile on it’s finally announced battle pass, little season challenges, and the character Octane. There were also not a lot of updates to the game; it was a major content drought. Many players left during this time until Season 2, Battle Charge, was released which brought a new and improved battle pass, map changes to King’s Canyon, and the character Watson. During season two more controversy arose with the event taking place in season two called the Iron Crown event that would last two weeks starting on August 13th, 2019 and would end August 27th, 2019. The problem was that it was 24 unlockable items you get from preset loot boxes that cost $7 each, due to significant backlash they put the cosmetics on a rotating schedule in the normal cosmetic shop so players could get what they wanted.
Season 3, Meltdown, brought the new map World’s Edge and Crypto. The new map was a major change from King’s Canyon. World’s Edge uses the idea of fire and ice, with large chokeholds, big cities, open valleys, and a moving train that travels around the map. It was quickly accepted as a much-needed change to bring the game back. The recently announced Season 4, Assimilation, has had massive hype for a significant amount of time since data miners had torn into the code of the game to look for leaks. It brought the long hyped Simulacrum assassin, Crypto and some decent map changes. This season also brings new competitive changes with a new tier and Apex Predator only being top 500 on that platform.
As the coming weeks will bring more balance changes and season challenges released, the game will continue to evolve and expand. It’s been a long year for Apex with its ups and downs, but it still has live and active players and currently doesn’t seem like it will die out soon.
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