Diversity in Doctor Who


Emma Hardy, Writing

The new season of Doctor Who follows up on the new female Doctor. Fans of Doctor Who were excited when the new Doctor was to be revealed to be a female, the first female Doctor of the series. Fans may hate her or love her, but we can all agree that Doctor Who has grown in its diversity, casting people of color and even giving the LGBTQ+ a voice in the beloved show. 

In previous seasons, Doctor Who failed to show great diversity, but the new seasons with Jodie Wittaker have made big changes. 

The second episode of the 11th season features a plot with Rosa Parks and even letting Martin Luther King Jr. have some “camera time.” The show went into how people of race were treated back in the Civil Rights movement. Two of the characters are apart of this, Ryan who is African American and Yaz who is Indian, who in those times, was wrongly treated. Just showing companions of the Doctor being people of different races is a great change. Even before Jodie Whittaker was the Doctor, they cast an African American in Season 3 and 10. Bill Pots in season 10 was also a change to the show, that being that she was on a date with a female. They also even feature two gay males in a relationship in season 12.  

In the newest season of season 12, they even have more representation of women. They have woman figures such as Ada Lovelace (who made strides in computer science) and Noor Inayant Khan (who was a spy during World War II in France). They even include an instance of an African American character who calls herself the Doctor.

It is great to see BBC finally making an effort to include others and to make the show reflect more of its diverse fan base.