Sip Some Tasty New Beverages in Huntsville


Danica Vu, Writer

Bored with being inside and grinding games for the past 40 hours? Why not step outside and help our small businesses!

CattyShack, inc.

A non-profit organization in the form of a cat cafe in Lowe Mill, Huntsville that helps get cats adopted. The funds they get from someone’s reservation and buying goodies go to the care of the cats, in which the organization would “[provide] vet care and foster homes” for the cats while they wait to get adopted. A cozy place to hang out with cuddly cats.

Dragon’s Forge Cafe 

Along with the CattyShack, an adventurer could find themselves here engulfing themselves in a D&D session whilst defending their loot and beverages from other fellow journeymen nearby. This cafe is a perfect place to witness a medieval fantasy with its folklore and a mythical-themed menu full of treasures.

Kung Fu Tea

Their arrival in Huntsville, AL has brought attention to many of the people around town. The well-known boba tea has sprung up in popularity in these recent days and the demand for it has sprung up as well. Whether it be someone’s first time consuming the mainstream consumable or if they happen to be a veteran drinker, Kung Fu Tea provides a wide range of different condiments to add to your milk tea, which also comes in many different flavors.

You could find their menu on their website.