Watching WandaVision?


Emma Hardy, writer

WandaVision is the new series on Disney Plus that gives more lore to the Marvel universe and its past and future movies. The series includes many details that you will need to look out for as you get further into the show. Yes, this may contain a few small spoilers, but nothing that will spoil the big plot and mystery of the series.

The show begins with a very 1950s opening of Wanda and Vision arriving into their new home after having gotten married. The episode is the style of a 1950s sitcom and really does feel like you are watching a simple show and not one in the Marvel universe. Nothing much happens in the first episode, besides Wanda and Vision trying to conceal their powers in the small, “normal”, town of Eastview. Hijinks ensue as the couple tries to get through a dinner with Vision’s new boss and his wife. They survive it in a sitcom style and the episode ends with a hand closing a notebook watching the show that we are all watching. 

It then is set in the 1960s for some reason. This is where things start getting weird. Wanda and Vision try to fit into the neighborhood as a normal couple. Vision is at a neighborhood watch meeting, while Wanda is at a meeting with the neighborhood moms. She meets a woman who becomes her friend (before having a strange interaction with a radio). This woman is named Geraldine. More hijinks ensue as the episode ends once more with Wanda now surprisingly pregnant. 

The next episode is in the 1970s. As this episode goes on, Wanda’s stomach gets bigger as the baby grows, but faster than they can keep up with. Wanda soon goes into labor and Geraldine helps her delivers twin baby boys. Geraldine, suspiciously,  mentions her brother that died in Age of Ultron, Pietro. This makes Wanda send Geraldine flying and she lands to only be met with a swat team. Geraldine may seem like a minor backup character to the main characters in the sitcom, but in the real world, she is much more than that. 

The next episode is a big one. This episode reveals who Geraldine really is: a victim of the blip named, Monica Rambeau. The blip if no one remembers is what happened with Thanos snapped his fingers and half the population went: “blip!” out of existence. When the Avengers erased this blip, Geraldine appeared in a hospital, only to figure out that her mother has died. It is revealed that her real mother is actually Maria Rambeau. Sound familiar? If it didn’t well then you are about to know so spoilers! Her mother was a friend of Captain Marvel’s. You actually meet Monica in the Captain Marvel movie as a child. That child grew up to only be erased and brought back to life. This is just a big detail for dedicated Marvel fans, but there are a few more. The astrophysicist at the beginning of the same episode is Darcey Lewis. Darcey was a side character in the first two Thor movies. Her importance here is to reveal the mysteries of the sitcom about Wanda and Vision. 

There are many more mysteries that Monica, Darcey, and Jimmy Woo(an FBI agent working with the team) must solve to save the people of Eastview, Wanda, and Vision. The show has a lot more tiny things that are in sitcoms of the 50s to now the 80s, but be sure to look out for more big details about characters and the events of WandaVision and the Marvel lore. 

As a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, it’s been fun to keep up with the details and plot of the series. The series still hasn’t ended, but it’s been a great start to the Marvel shows coming out on Disney Plus.