Violet Evergarden Movie Review


Danica Vu, Writer

In 2018, Violet Evergarden made way into the community with one of the most touching storylines ever created. In March of 2020, Violet Evergarden received a movie that concluded the Violet Evergarden series as Violet finally finds her peace of mind. 

Although aided with stunning visuals and a superb soundtrack, the story and interactions the characters have with each other are what really made Violet Evergarden shine. This movie executed the same feel of the whole series cleanly. With the addition of tears to the mix, this film will remain memorable to the ones who have watched it.

Violet Evergarden is about a girl, named Violet Evergarden hence the title, who was separated from a close person in the army. She explores the world in search of the meaning for “I love you”, the last words her close person said to her, as a letter writer. The letter writers in this series are known as dolls and the setting is in France, when the Eiffel tower was being built. Violet writes letters for many clients, each having their own heart-touching and sob-inducing stories. 

The movie occurs near and at the end of Violet Evergarden’s career of being a doll. It begins with, when Violet has already long passed, a descendant of one of the clients Violet had in her early career starts on a journey to learn more about Violet. The scenes of the descendant do not occur very often, but they appear throughout the movie often enough to make the viewer explore the past.