A Miraculous Review


Emma Hardy, writer

Miraculous Ladybug is a show that, in my opinion, is one of the best children’s shows of the late 2010s. It may seem like an ordinary kid’s TV show, but it has lore that makes you want to watch more. The new movie, Miraculous New World: United Heros, is an essential part of the Miraculous world. Miraculous New World came out recently on Disney Plus, and soon the next movie, Miraculous New World: Shanghai, will be released soon, so it’s the perfect time to talk about the United Heroes!

The movie starts with a Marvel-like intro scene. The music even reminds me of the soundtracks from Marvel movies! It then goes into Chat Noir and Ladybug’s scene fighting Mr. Pigeon(Which is just a scene to quickly show Chat Noir’s and Ladybug’s relationship as a team). It shows the audience their trust as a team, even though they don’t know each other’s real identities yet, which comes into play later on. They then introduce that their school(Yah, they go to the same school) is going to New York. Some Marienette denying her love for Adrien and “convincing” his dad to go, they get New York. Wither do they know that Shido from Persona 5, aka played by  Keith Silverstein, aka Hawkmoth, is going to New York, as well. He wants to find a lost miraculous(the thing that gives all the heroes and villains in Paris powers) in New York. 


On the way to New York, Marinette’s class’s plane is hijacked by a villain. This villain is taken down by the US heroes, which then introduces Majestia and some others. Majestia was in the origin episodes and was presented by Alya in a comic book. You would think that she would be just a comic book hero, but no. She’s real and saves the day with her sidekick before Ladybug and Chat Noir can save the passengers. When they land shows many of the heroes that live in New York. It shows that they cannot hide their identities, but they cannot be themselves and use their powers for themselves. Overall, it seems that magic and powers live in the same world here. 

More scenes with Adrien and Marinette and their friends trying to get them together happen, and then Hawkmoth sends in the villain that hijacked the plane to steal Lafeyette’s sword. Yeah, yeah, stuff happens, and then Chat Noir seemingly kills Majestia’s sidekick. Of course, the viewers, Chat Noir and Marinette, know that Ladybug can fix it, but the other heroes at the scene don’t know that and label Chat Noir as dangerous. The scene after they hide from the heroes shows a lot about Adrien’s/Chat Noir’s character. He feels guilty that he almost killed someone and fears that he may do it again. This guilt makes him give up his miraculous. 

It then shows Hawkmoth giving the lost miraculous to the villain, giving the power to unleash someone’s true potential and freedom. They use it to allow the heroes to do whatever they want without restrictions. The sidekicks and Ladybug need to stop them and Hawkmoth, but they also need back Chat Noir, who has left on a plane back home. Majestia’s sidekick helps bring them back together by showing Chat Noir audio of Ladybug,  saying that she needs him. With this, they save the day. It then ends with the other sidekick getting the lost Miraculous and a new Miraculous Guardian? 

All and all, this was a great start to the new extended universe of the Miraculous world. The movie adds more lore, such as the heroes in New York and the lost Miraculous. I think the animation was even better than in the show. Honestly, the best-looking part was on the plane at sunrise. The soundtrack was better as well. It seems like they put more care into it, as it’s a movie and not a TV show. It was a good movie in general, but I recommend catching up on the series before watching the movie. 

Bug out!