Yard Milkshake Bar: Worth the Price?

Milkshakes at the Yard

Milkshakes at the Yard

Emma Hardy, writer

The Yard Milkshake Bar is a new restaurant near the new Trash Panda stadium. It’s a small chain that started in Gulf Shores, AL, and is now in several southeastern states.

It opened a few weeks ago, even before the area had been fully completed, and was busy. The wait was over an hour! They even said the wait after you ordered a milkshake was an hour, but thankfully, it wasn’t. We had to wait in the rain, with many other patient customers, but was it worth it? 

Each milkshake is HUGE, even counting the huge pastries and treats that can be put on the milkshake. They have many treats, including a slice of cheesecake, a brownie, a scoop of cookie dough, cookies, candy, tons of whipped cream, and many other tasty things! If you didn’t get enough of the top, there’s even more in the mason jar, a milkshake that has more than just simple ice cream. Mine had chocolate chips and my mom’s had peanut butter in it as well. To one’s surprise, it’s over 3,000 calories. If you plan to go with family and friends, you may need to share, unless you can handle all that sugar and calories.

It also may be good to split the bill among friends because it’s pretty pricey as well. It was $50 for 3 milkshakes when my family went. There are cheaper options, especially if you bring your jar back! You get $2 off. It’s a deal if it’s worth it to you. 

Despite the price and calories, it’s still delicious, but I would save it for special occasions or your dinner.