Autumn Sweet Treats



Sam Robbins, Contributor

The leaves are turning brown and the air is getting colder, so why not turn on the oven and bake some sweet treats? Apple crisp, different varieties of cookies, pumpkin and pecan pie, and cinnamon rolls are some classic desserts pertaining to fall. A survey was taken by a group of high schoolers and the top three favorite fall desserts were apple crisp, snickerdoodle cookies, and caramel apples. 

Apple crisp comprises soft cinnamon apples and a brown sugar oat topping. This decadent dessert can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or by itself. If you love apple pie, but don’t want to take a long time to make it, apple crisp is the dessert for you. It takes around half the time and is just as delicious and comforting as apple pie is. 

Snickerdoodle cookies are a soft and chewy sugar cookie that is tossed in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. They are a classic dessert during the fall season and fits right in with the cinnamon coating. Another cookie that was popular in the survey was cookies with pictures on them. These cookies usually have either pumpkins or ghosts during the fall seasons. 

Caramel apples are a very popular and well-known treat during the fall. Anytime you go to a fair during this time of year, caramel apples are usually on the menu and rightfully so. They don’t have to be just the classic apple wrapped in caramel. You can then roll the apples in things like nuts, toffee, sprinkles, chocolate chips, or even drizzled with chocolate. 

Some classic drinks that are great for this time of year are apple cider and pumpkin spiced lattes. Apple cider is very similar to apple juice except it is typically served warm and has more of a cinnamon flavor. Pumpkin spiced lattes seem to be more popular around the fall season. It is a coffee drink mixed with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Milk, espresso, and sugar are also added and it’s topped with whipped cream.

These treats and drinks are perfect for when it is chilly outside and you want a warm beverage to keep out warm and cozy.