I Love Hue, A Relaxing Color Game

I Love Hue, A Relaxing Color Game

Mary-Alice Beam, Contributor

I’ve recently found a very relaxing game. The whole concept is to place the colors, or color hues, in the correct order. Some levels are harder than others, based on the number of squares, some are more time consuming, some are quick and easy. Overall the concept is easy to understand, the game is not worrying, it’s not something that could cause anxiety.

For each level, you progress from the harder it will get, meaning more squares, more colors to sort from. You will get a daily 15 prisms, meaning you will be able to do 5 levels a day at least. If you happen to run out of prisms, you can watch 1-3 ads to get 15 prisms per ad. Each level is 3 prisms to start, you may replay the levels for 1. Sometimes hues are easier to sort than others, for me that would be purple, pink, and blue, greens and yellows aren’t that easy for me but still very fun. 

Another thing to keep in mind, you are able to leave a level without the blocks resetting, if a level is way too time-consuming, it is possible to come back and start it again. You are also able to restart anytime, without using prisms, before the level is complete, in case you get the colors way too jumbled up or opposite. At some point in the levels, in the first game, they will change from small cubes to hexagons, and it’s pretty cool in my opinion.

I’m not the only fan; I have talked to several friends about it and all four agreed it was relaxing and stress relieving. I personally have over 150 levels done myself, in my opinion, the levels just get more and more fun to play. Sometimes it gets discouraging when you play too long and it takes a while to complete another level, but sometimes you just need a break.