Just Love Coffee Cafe: A Review


Isabelle Thomasy, Contributer

Are you looking for the next place for you to have your next friend get together, work meeting, or just a quiet place to get away for a moment? Well, Just Love Coffee Cafe may just be the place you’ve looking for. This place has been around since 2009 and the original founder and CEO was Rob Webb. There are currently two locations in Alabama, one in Madison and another in Huntsville. But it’s just not coffee, they’ve got sandwiches, breakfast wraps, waffles, salads, and much more.

This cafe is a wonderful place and when you enter you will be greeted by the friendly staff. With their wide variety of options on their menu.  They also have a very homey and comfortable seating layout for you to enjoy. Trang, a regular customer, said, “The coffee is good, has a great atmosphere, and nice employees.” Besides their service, layout, and menu, it is a great place to work. Their homey atmosphere makes it easy to focus and not get distracted while working. Faith, a middle schooler at Discovery, said,”It is a very good place to work and is quiet.” Norah, one of the daughters of the owner, said, “[She] likes it a lot because the employees are really nice and it’s just a really nice atmosphere.” She also states that “a lot of people that come and work [there]”. 

The majority of people that have been interviewed have given positive feedback and have had great experiences there. Trang also stated, “The service is just a little slower than [she] prefers; however, it’s a great place.” Apart from the customers I interviewed an employee, Marry who said that, “It has great food, and has a great atmosphere that’s for sure, and I like [working there] and I like the people there.” She also tells me how she wouldn’t change anything about this place because it is already a wonderful place. That is what some customers and an employee have to say about Just Love Coffee Cafe. 

In conclusion, Just Love Coffee Cafe is a wonderful place that is worth spending time there. Nearly all of the feedback was positive from both the customers and the employees. From my own experience, this is a wonderful relaxing place where you can get your work done efficiently while drinking a nice coffee. But, if you don’t have time to sit and eat you can do curbside pickup or GrubSouth delivery. Therefore, Just Love Coffee Cafe is worth it.