Spooky Halloween Haunted Houses


Emma Mullinax, Contributor

Spooky season is finally here! One of the many Halloween attractions that people love to do is going to a haunted house for a scare. Halloween is all about the creepiness. So, why not go to a haunted house?    

A well known haunted house is Arx Mortis in Killen, Alabama. Killen, Alabama is about an hour away from here but if you want to go to a local one, here are some options. 

On 2150 Leeman Ferry Cir in SWHuntsville, Alabama is where you can find a haunted house attraction. This attraction is called Escape House of Terror. The gist of the escape house is to get out without “dying”. People will find rival guns and ammo that stun the creatures that are after them and they try to get out of the house by looking for clues. If the creatures see you or hear you, they come running to find you. One of the main things that you need to avoid is the tall lady. If she taps you, you essentially “die”. You do this with a group of eight people, you are given walkie talkies, and you have to escape the house within thirty minutes or your whole group “dies”. The group with the most “alive” wins. If you want to do this fun adventure, it is $29.95 per person! You can do this haunted house attraction 5 pm through midnight. The only way to get your ticket is online. You can find this at rageroomhsv.com

Another haunted house attraction around this area is Nightmare on Moulton Street. You can find this on 112 Moulton St E in Decatur, Alabama. To be able to enter you have to buy a ticket at the door. It is $13 per person and you can pay by cash, credit cards, or debit cards. You will encounter strobe lights, black lights, total darkness, fog, loud noises, small spaces, actors in costume, animated props, and regular props. This is open from 7pm-11pm on Fridays and on Saturdays it is open from 6pm-11pm. You can find this information on http://www.decaturnightmare.com!

The third haunted house attraction is Doomsday Haunt. You can find this on 24952 US-72 East in Athens, Alabama. The admission to get into Doomsday Haunt is $20 per person. The setting of Doomsday Haunt is an old war town that was deep in the woods that was fenced up and a while ago it was believed that there was a nuclear explosion in that area. The people inside have been isolated for 70 years because of that. When people come in, they will think that the people inside are a bit crazy and weird because they were locked up for seven decades. It is open every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm-11pm. You can also go on November the 6th at the same time. You can find this information at https://www.doomsdayhaunt.com/index.html!

So, who’s up for a scare?