Spotify Wrapped, Wrapped Up


Grace Sanders and Kate Bodden

At the end of the year, Spotify, a music streaming service, puts together all of the data it has on you and compiles it into a singular place. This gift is called Spotify Wrapped, and you can see your most listened to artist, song, and genre. If you listen to podcasts, that is also in there. Your accumulated minutes and even a playlist of your top 100 songs. Most students are always listening to music, in a survey we took 61.8% of students are always listening to music, whether that is in headphones or in a car. A common genre amongst these students is some form of pop, the variations being, Dance Pop, Indie Pop, Pop Rap, or just plain Pop. Although there were some more random genres being Emo, Video Game Music, or Outlaw Country. 

Spotify Wrapped wraps up your whole year in a few short screenshot slides. Your favorite artists are on one, and the song you played the most on another. A summary at the end is begging to be posted in your Instagram or Snapchat story. Some people take to the app TikTok to further explain what their Wrapped means and to make jokes about it. The anticipation before Wrapped comes out is accompanied by betting on who will be at the top of lists and what song will be someone’s favorite. It can be comical when you get someone completely different than who you anticipated. 

No matter what genre or artist is your favorite, most people we surveyed seem to agree that music is well integrated into high school life and we don’t believe it will be going anywhere anytime soon.