Charcuterie is Taking Over Madison


Bella Williams, Contributor

If you’re struggling to decide what to get your mom for Christmas, there’s a decent chance she would enjoy charcuterie. You could get her an actual premade charcuterie board, a wooden board for her to make her own, or a class to learn how to assemble a really pretty board.

Charcuterie is a popular type of culinary art. If you follow any type of Madison group on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, there’s a good chance you’ll see someone’s recent charcuterie adventures or an ad for some charcuterie event. Charcuterie boards typically include cured meats, various cheeses, olives, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and/or jellies and jams. You could even call it an adult Lunchable. 

There are several charcuterie businesses in the Huntsville/Madison area. These include Cured and Company, which is co-owned by a former Bob Jones student Emily (Palma) Rogers, Honey Box, Graze Charcuterie, It’s All Gouda, and Domaine South. Most of these businesses exclusively deliver or offer classes, except for Domaine South where you can go and enjoy charcuterie in a normal sit-down restaurant atmosphere. 

In addition to ordering Charcuterie, there are several charcuterie classes available that you can attend. One available class is at Honey Box. If you’re not going to enjoy charcuterie for yourself, maybe you could give someone a charcuterie board for Christmas. You can buy ok boards at Target or Wal-mart, but you can get pretty nice ones at Lemon and Lavendar in downtown Madison.

In conclusion, charcuterie is definitely taking the Madison/Huntsville area by storm, whether you order a charcuterie board or take it upon yourself to make your own.