Falling into Oktoberfest

Falling into Oktoberfest

Elena Saorrono, Writer

It is finally time to celebrate the best time of the year after all of those allergy struggles: fall! Now that we are towards the middle of September, it’s time to celebrate some fall festivities before the main event of Halloween. It’s a good time to go pumpkin picking, try every pumpkin spice latte in every café, wear cozy sweaters, and Oktoberfest! But, before we dive into what fun Oktoberfest will bring, I think it’s important to see how our Patriots feel about the change in season.

A student survey showed what students thought of the upcoming weather, and I’m happy to see so many positive responses! Freshman Renae Graves exclaimed, “I love fall! I love picking out new outfits for fall, drinking fall drinks, going fall shopping, listening to spooky music, the fall weather, and Halloween of course!” Oh, I couldn’t agree with them more!

Junior Noah Corona simply stated, “Lovely time for photography and weather.” Of course, how could you not love the beautiful scenery at this time of year? I’m so glad to see our Patriots are excited for what the season brings. Speaking of which, Oktoberfest brings so many enjoyable activities and events, as well as an interesting history.

According to Britannica.com, Oktoberfest originated way back in Munich, Germany, in 1812, on October 12th. The celebration was for the marriage between King Louis I to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen of Bavaria. Oktoberfest lasts for about two weeks, beginning on the 17th of September to the first Sunday of October.

Common festivities include watching the traditional parade and costume competitions, carnival rides and games, traditional German meals and beverages, and my personal favorite, The Running of the Wieners! I love watching dachshunds wiggle their little butts across the finish line. There are also flea markets set up around this event for both fall and winter decor, attire, and accessories.

Now, onto Huntsville’s own celebration! The Redstone Arsenal will be holding its 25th Annual Oktoberfest on September 16th, 17th, and 18th. Admission is either $15 for parking and live music or $25 for parking, music, and unlimited rides, while active duty members get in for free. Come down to enjoy German cuisine and drinks, polka music and dancing, carnival rides, and family games!

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