Top Three Places to Touch Grass

Top Three Places to Touch Grass

Jackson Clemons, Contributor

It is now Fall, so we must take advantage of this time and get out our last breaths of fresh warm air and some vitamin D. Alabama may not be a state known for its landmarks nor its tourist attractions, but I can guarantee you that there are hidden gems beneath this southern world.

In Huntsville, there is a mountain called Monte Sano. It is a wonderful place to hike. It is filled with rich greenery and colors of warmth that reflects the beauty of October. On top of the mountain is a nice reward; it is an astonishing view of the Space and Rocket Center. There is also an alluring waterfall that creates an atmosphere of peace.

If you are searching for a more challenging, mountainous hike, Rainbow Mountain Trail is a great option to consider. It is roughly three miles away from Bob Jones High School, and it offers more beautiful scenery! The trail is set on a tree-filled side of a mountain, with various creeks, miniature waterfalls, and cliffs all around the area. This trail is not just a great place to hike, it is also a great place to go camping. I personally am on the cross country team, and we often do runs on the terrain. It doesn’t offer just hallenging mountainous trails, but also more subtle, calm trails, making this the perfect place for both advanced hikers and those just wanting to clear their minds and to get a break from life.

If you are an older person and do not have the capacity or the energy to hike mountainous terrain, Indian Creek Greenway, Mill Creek Greenway, or Bradford Creek Greenway is the perfect choice for you. Each greenway has a paved, mostly flat path that runs along a calm and peaceful creek, and there are farms with horses to view. It is an awesome place to exercise and bike, and there is so much wildlife.