Buc-ee’s, At Least It’s Somewhere To Go


Emma Rettie, Contributor

Since its opening on November 21st, Buc-ee’s has become a hot spot in Athens, Alabama.

The convenience spot features a gas station, store, delicious food, and some of the cleanest bathrooms in America. With 40+ locations across the south, the Athens location is one of the biggest. It is over 50,000 square feet and has 120 gas pumps. The beaver mascot has become very popular to pose with on Instagram. 

As for customers, one thing keeps them coming back, the food! Some of its most popular foods include beaver nuggets, brisket, jerky, glazed nuts, popcorn balls, and sizzlin’ saltines.

Some people are even doing some of their Christmas shopping at Buc-ee’s. Check out THIS list and THIS list for ideas.

So if you go to Buc-ee’s, enjoy the food and know that you’re not alone in making the trek to Athens just for a trip to a convenience store.