Definitely a Jolly Christmas


Hannah Clemons, Contributor

It’s almost Christmastime! Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s celebrated in many countries around the world, and other countries even have their own legends. However, they somehow aren’t as festive as I hoped for them to be.

Santa Claus

We’re all familiar with Santa Claus, aren’t we? In just one night, he visits the homes of all children in his sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer. The nice will receive the gift they’ve wished for while the naughty receives a lump of coal in their stockings. This jolly legend is traced back to Saint Nicholas, admired for his piety and kindness, who was believed to be born around 280 A.D. in Patara. He gave away his inherited wealth to help the sick and poor, and he saved three sisters from being sold into slavery by their father.

The Yule Lads

Merry yet mischievous, these thirteen troll-like lads take turns visiting kids on the thirteen nights leading up to Christmas. If they’re not leaving candy or rotten potatoes in a shoe you leave out, they’re licking bowls, stealing candles, and assaulting… sheep? In other words, the thirteen Yule Lads range from being mere pranksters to death bringers for the naughty kids.


Half demon, half goat, this monster is apparently the companion of St. Nicholas. The name Krampus derives from the German word Krampen which means “claw”. This devilish fiend is the son of Hel, Norse god of the underworld, and he punishes the misbehaving children by either beating them, eating them, or taking them to Hell. I don’t know why this guy is associated with Christmas, but he is.

Yule Cat

You wouldn’t want to pet this vicious feline. The Yule Cat has black fur, a ginormous size, and an appetite for children who aren’t wearing fresh drip. Its massive, sharp teeth can bite adults into small chunks, and it could swallow children whole. This towering kitty does this to make you appreciate the socks and other clothing you unwrap from those disappoi— wonderful presents.


Gryla, an ogress (aka Shrek’s wife), is said to be scarier than Krampus. She is the matriarch of a family of strange creatures. Her name also loosely translates to “growler”. She commands the Yule Lads, her offspring, to bring her up some children so she can turn them into a delicious stew, she ate her troll-like husband because she was bored of him, and she’s the owner of the gigantic man-eating Yule Cat. Uhh… Merry Christmas?