Spotify in a Bottle

Spotify in a Bottle

Grace Sanders, Contributor

With the new year comes many new things, resolutions, going to the gym (maybe), new classes, improving yourself, and a fresh clean calendar. With all these things also comes big organizations trying to profit off of your wanting to feel like you’re beginning something new. Spotify decided to hop on this bandwagon. Spotify has a couple of cool promotional items that surfaced over the holidays: first Spotify Wrapped, which is the way to an insightful recap of what you have listened to throughout the year, and now this Playlist in a Bottle. 

When you open your Spotify app, as long as it’s updated, you will get a prompt to start your Playlist in a Bottle. First, you choose what to house your playlist in, a literal glass bottle, a metal lunchbox, a teddy bear, an acorn, a gumball machine or your jean pocket. (I choose the gumball machine.) The playlist needs at least three songs, but you can add more. Each song that is added is accompanied by a question. What song do you have to see in concert in 2023? What song reminds you of your favorite person? A song you would pay to hear for the first time again? What do you think 3023 sounds like? A song you’re secretly obsessed with? What song will make no sense in 2024? And a few others. These questions helped me to narrow down what songs I wanted to remember a year from now. 

After you have chosen your songs, you hit “I’m done, seal it!!” and your playlist is locked away until the beginning of 2024. I hope that when the playlist opens, and I have long forgotten about it, I will remember when and where I made it, sitting in the parking lot on my phone because it was too cold to leave my car. I hope Spotify continues to resurrect this feature each year. Remembering what you were like a year ago can be embarrassing, but it’s also refreshing to see how much you have grown in just one year. 

If you want to create your own playlist, just scan the QR code on the picture attached to this article!