Lanier House: A British Experience Brought to Madison

Lanier House: A British Experience Brought to Madison

Samantha Robbins, Contributor

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect tea party experience with British tea and hors d’oeuvre? Enjoying little sandwiches and sweet treats like tarts and cookies. If so, Lanier House is the place for you and any family or friends you would like to bring along. Lanier House is located at 20 Martin Street here in Madison, Alabama. It is perfect for birthdays, luncheons, baby showers, meeting old friends or family, or just having a relaxing afternoon. 

Lanier House offers a beautiful environment and comfortable seating while enjoying their select teas and hors d’oeuvre. The teas they offer include lavender earl grey, peach lemon, and cranberry orange. According to Bob Jones precal teacher Kyna Schutzbach, “There were only a few teas to choose from, but they were all delicious. I will definitely go back and would highly recommend it to others.” Along with the teas that are offered, there are a variety of both sweet and savory treats that you can enjoy as well. These include cucumber English cucumber dill sandwiches, avocado deviled eggs, and mini bacon and pecan cheese canapes. If you have more of a sweet tooth, they also offer assorted fruit tarts, sugar scones with lemon curd, cookies, cheesecake bites, and crumpets with maple butter. 

Depending on the size of your party and whether you would like a private event or not, Lanier House has three different options for your needs. If your party is between 1 and 19, then you can reserve a time slot that works best for you. If your party is 20 people or more, you have to request a time slot on a specific date. These two offers can only be reserved for an hour and a half time slot. The last offer is any type of private event with any number of people and is outside of their normal Afternoon Tea hours. This offer allows you to host your private event for a maxim of five hours. 

If you want to host a private event at Lanier House, there are three different options for prices and accommodations. The first one includes being able to use their dining areas, restrooms, and garage service. No food will be provided through this option. The second offer includes dining areas, restrooms, garage services, and appetizers will be served which can feed up to 35 people. The last offer includes dining areas, restrooms, garage services, and a three-course meal with drinks and bread. 

If this seems like something that you or your friends and family would enjoy for a casual visit or maybe a party, head down to Lanier House to have an elegant experience and delicious tea and hors d’oeuvre.