Is Lego Addicting?

Is Lego Addicting?

Will Cairns, Contributor

Legos used to be seen as simply a kid’s toy, but they seem to be becoming more and more popular in recent years, even among adults. LEGO has even begun to make sets marketed specifically at adults, now appealing to a wider range of ages than ever before. In my class that was surveyed, multiple students from each grade said they enjoyed collecting Legos. Legos seem to be more popular than ever, but why is this? Is Lego addicting?

Several Bob Jones students shared their opinions on the subject. One student, a senior, said, “It’s therapeutic to watch something come together from start to finish, or to take a given idea and make something new out of it.” The possibilities are truly endless. On one hand, it is cool to see all the individual pieces come together as you slowly see it come together. On the other hand, you can make whatever you want. I think that is a big reason why Legos are appealing to many people… because you can do whatever you want with it. I have personally done something like this before. I bought two of the same set and put them together, making a new creation the way I wanted to, while taking inspiration from the original. Another student, a junior, said “I think that as humans we are meant to allow our creativity show and Lego is just an outlet to do that. I don’t think the Legos themselves are addictive; it’s just that it allows people to express their creativity in a simple way.” Lego is truly an outlet for creativity. It lets you express yourself in a unique way, just like painting or drawing.

Legos are certainly not just for kids and teens, either. Mrs. Neilsen, who oversees attendance at Bob Jones, shared why she enjoys Legos. One of the main reasons she enjoys them is because “ they can be relaxing to build.” For some, Lego is all about creativity, but sometimes it is just a relaxing pastime, and neither one is correct. Lego is whatever you make of it. When asked if she thinks Lego is addicting, she said, “Yes, and no. Yes, because it is fun to watch a pile of bricks make something cool to look at and play with, they can be a stress reliever too. No, because they are very expensive.”

There are many factors that contribute to Lego being somewhat addicting, but ultimately, it seems the price is what holds it back from becoming addicting. Legos might be addicting to some, but even if they are, it seems like a pretty good addiction to have. What’s wrong with being addicted to creativity?