A Review of Tous Les Jours (Bakery and Cafe)

Emily Duong, Contributor

A new bakery and cafe has arrived in Huntsville! Tour Les Jours is a French-Asian fusion bakery that has newly opened in MidCity, right between Wahlburgers and Kung Fu Tea. The phrase “tous les jours” translates from French into “every day.” This Korean-originated franchise specializes in fresh pastries, cakes, and coffee, and on Saturday, April 15th, I visited this new location to try it out. I came in with high expectations, as I have been to Tous Les Jours several times at their Doraville location in Georgia. And they did not disappoint.

With Tous Les Jours, Kung Fu Tea, and Komodo Ramen all in one place, this section of MidCity really felt like a little Asian food corner. Going inside, the interior was lovely, with soft jazz music playing among the bustle of the cafe (which was very, very crowded for 9 in the morning). It was modern yet cozy, with quaint armchairs and booths complementing the marble counters and wood-accented walls. The lighting was warm and the place truly felt inviting.

The first stop was the pastries. This section is self-serve, where you take a tray and a pair of tongs, then take whatever you wish. Their pastries range from bread and sweets to pies and donuts. My family and I got a lot of different pastries to try out: pain aux raisin, spinach feta danish, cream cheese pastry, honey castella cake, mini mocha cake, red bead bun, custard bun, cranberry apple cream cheese bun, sesame roll, red bean donut, and strawberry croissant. The cream cheese pastry and the spinach feta danish were savory, but had a hint of sweetness that brought all the flavors together. The pain aux raisin was a classic, with a load of juicy raisins, and the strawberry croissant was delicious with delicate whipped cream and fresh strawberry slices. The honey castella and mocha cakes were light, moist, and not too sweet. The custard bun was oozing with sweet, silky, eggy custard cream, and the red bean bun had the perfect ration of smooth red bean and springy bread. The sesame roll was satsfyingly chewy, crisp, nutty, savory, and sweet all at once. My favorite, by far, was the red bean donut, with a hefty amount of red bean filling inside of a classic sugar-coated donut. Second place goes to one of my go-tos: the cranberry apple cream cheese bun, which had a generous amount of apple-flavored cream cheese filling alongside dried cranberries.

Next up is the cake case. You can buy cakes by the slice or as a whole, with various flavors ranging from the typical confetti, strawberry, and chocolate, to more unique flavors such as sweet potato, matcha, mocha, peach, and orange cream. They specialize in light and spongy cloud cakes, as well as delicately iced mousse cakes. And did I mention how beautiful their designs are? They are both stunning and simple and definitely appetizing. Other cakes include cheesecakes, tiramisu, and many more. They also serve macarons, and I tried the Blueberry Lavender flavor. I did not care that it was 9am and this was a dessert, not breakfast, but I was extremely curious. The flavor was balanced and the texture of the soft cookie paired well with the jammy middle. The cookie was also adorned with small dried lavender flowers, which added to its flavor and feel.

Finally, drinks. Their drink categories include espresso, chocolates (which have two options: hot or iced), cold drinks, brewed coffees, and teas. Their current features are the assam milk tea and the honey lavender matcha latte. With their espressos, besides the usual latte, americano, cappuccino, mocha, etc, their more exclusive drinks include the honey lavender macchiato, matcha espresso, and lavender latte. My drink of choice was the tiramisu latte, which was the perfect balance of sweet, bitter, and smooth. My parents ordered vanilla lattes, which were not too sweet but tasted like vanilla. Their cold drinks include lemonades, smoothies, and frappes, with unique drinks such as the matcha lemonade. Their brewed coffees, besides the usual good ol’ coffee, include their normal cold brew and cold brew latte. As for their teas, Tour Les Jours is partnered with the company Art of Tea, providing several of their exclusive tea flavors, including their special earl grey creme, white coconut, etc, and classic English breakfast, chamomile, etc. My sister ordered the iced matcha latte, substituting for almond milk, and the presentation was quite pretty, with the green matcha on top of the milk. They have several tea lattes, such as whether it be matcha or strawberry or ube.

Overall, Tous Les Jours was a wonderful experience with tasty, high-quality pastries and an inviting cafe atmosphere. So, whether it be for a unique weekend brunch or a quick morning coffee, Tous Les Jours is the place to go. They are located at 1026 Mid City Dr, Huntsville, AL 35806, and are open every day from 7am-8pm. Go try it out!