Gun Violence Hits Close to Home


Courtlin Arrington, a 17-year-old student at Huffman High School in Birmingham, was shot and killed at school on Wednesday. She was fatally shot in her classroom on Wednesday when a firearm being carried by a student went off. Arrington was rushed to a hospital, but was declared dead on arrival at 4:16 p.m., according to

The security of the school has been called into question, especially since Huffman High School had metal detectors and student resource officers, according to Superintendent Lisa Herring.

Recent gun violence in schools has affected many students.

“Our primary concern, of course, is safety. During the school day the doors are locked. We’re trying to communicate as best as possible with our students and teachers about making sure the doors remain locked and closed all day long. We have [School Resource Officers] that are always ready to protect our students,” said Vice Principal Tom Runnion. 

“I know that a lot of schools in the region are organizing a similar [walkout]. They want to do a walkout in support of the victims and to show that, as students, we’re kind of helpless with political power but we do have a voice,” said Aditi Limaye, a junior, and organizer of the walkout.

Yesterday, students at Rainbow Elementary School met with Superintendent Robby Parker to discuss school safety.

Bryan Givens, principal at Rainbow, said on Twitter, “Proud of my fifth graders who took initiative & emailed concerning the important topic of school safety & shared ideas. Thank you for making time for our students! He even complimented the strong hand shakes & eye contact!”