The Cost of Quality Education

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The Cost of Quality Education

Katherine Cota-Robles and Brandon Clark

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The Madison City school district has many recognitions and awards with great staff and amazing teachers. Yet, a growth in new families moving into the area is causing an increasing need to build more schools. Recently, Superintendent Robby Parker discussed a property tax to increase the district’s budget to build new schools.

This is splitting students on the issue of whether this is the right move for the school district to make. Collecting poll results help to give insight into the reasons for them going for or against it. Brianna Soto responded by stating, “I think that we should build a new high school because Madison city is expanding pretty quickly. More and more people are moving to this area. The school system is one of the main reasons people decide to move to Madison, and since our schools are getting more crowded, it would be best to build a new school so that every student has a fair chance at learning.”

Along with her response, many students replied with the same thoughts in mind. Malachi Battle said, “I think it will have an amazing effect. There will be more competition, and competition is necessary for a better school system.”

Community member Denise Lehman agrees with Robby Parker that this is the correct move to make by saying, “This property tax increase is not only desperately needed, but years overdue. The reason my home’s value continues to increase is due to our excellent school system.:

Bob Jones High School principal Mrs. Lambert also weighed in on the matter. “… I’ve seen the school system grow and change a lot in 25 years. One way to build more schools and to accommodate the level of excellence we have is through taxes…”

While many students think that building new schools would be a positive change, there are still some student who oppose it, though they didn’t state if they opposed the property tax. Ashlee Sunderman said, “No, building a new high school would solve nothing, using the money to expand existing schools or update them would be more beneficial.”

Gracie Beck also said, “I think it will negatively impact a lot of students because it will mean some students will have to transfer schools and that is a hard thing to do.”

Needless to say, Madison City Schools continues to grow at a fast rate. Property tax is a way to create more funds for the growing school system and solve the increasing concern for overcrowding. 

If you would like more information, here is the link to a presentation Superintendent Robby Parker sent out, 20th Anniversary -Strategic Plan-FINAL.pdf

Information about Madison City Schools –

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