SpaceX Falcon 9: MCS Behind the Scenes

Sean Huh


Sean Huh and Brennan Pugh

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is heading to the International Space station loaded with supplies.

The actual launch is scheduled for 1:38 pm, and you can watch it. The webstream will air Tuesday, December 4 at 1:20 p.m. You follow along at this link:

Madison City School’s Mr. Daniel Whitt has been invited to the NASA Social Launch (@NASASocial), and you can follow his experience on Twitter (#WhittNASA #MCSlearn). In an email, Mr. Whitt said that he hoped to spark student interest. “Many of our students are destined to be spacefaring citizens and/or are going to be integral to the future of space travel with NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, United Launch Alliance, etc. My constant hope is that we can increase those numbers and build as much excitement about space as possible into their school experience.”