Heatwave Continues


David Reynolds and Sarah Roach

As temperatures continue to soar, students are advised to stay indoors and to stay hydrated. Since early August, temperatures have been in the 90’s, even rising to 100. High temperatures along with high humidity have made being outdoors not just uncomfortable but potentially dangerous. The Alabama Forestry Commission placed all 67 Alabama Counties under a Fire Danger Advisory due to the high heat and lack of rain.

As shown on The Weather Channel the regular temperatures for August in the last couple of years have ranged from low 60’s to high 70’s, occasionally rising to the 80’s. This year, temperatures in August have skyrocketed to high 80’s and 90’s. This, added with the high humidity, creates sweltering weather. In early August WHNT news issued an excessive heat warning for Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, and Lawrence Counties; the rest is under a heat advisory. 

Students who participate in outdoor activities have felt the heat. “It feels like it’s over 97 degrees,” Madilyn Wingenter said. “Every Friday I do PT (physical training) for ROTC, and we’re in the afternoon class. It is REALLY hot. Not being in the best health yet, the heat has caused me to get easily nauseous and sick.” Students in band have it equally as rough, going out every afternoon in the heat for practice, carrying heavy instruments and equipment. Avery Nunnally, a band student, said, “I think it is in the mid to high 90s, so very hot” and that the heat causes her to “get fatigued more quickly.” 

To those who have activities that require physical exertion in the heat, Mayo Clinic recommends to do the following: stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, try to avoid the sun as much as possible, and to be aware of your body temperature as heatstroke can happen if it exceeds 104°F.