Inside Out Ministries Pays Off Lunch Debt

Inside Out Ministries Pays Off Lunch Debt

Isabella Caballero, Writer

Last week, a local organization called Inside Out Ministries donated $21,000 to Madison City School in order to pay off lunch debt system wide. 

Inside Out Ministries is an organization based in Madison that helps those in need in our community. Serving everyone from Senior Adults, to students, to disaster survivors, Inside Out Ministries is an all-volunteer non-profit charity that helps in many ways year round. 

The donation, which was announced Monday, was given to commemorate superintendent Robby Parker after news of his upcoming retirement. 

Deborah Ward, who is the director of operations at Inside Out Ministries, told, “It allows the students and the schools to move forward in 2020 without concern,” She continued “It’s a gift of love from our board of directors to Madison city students.”

The gift will help more than 1,300 of the 12,000 students in the Madison City Schools system. 

A huge thank you to Inside Out Ministries!