COVID Safety at Bob Jones


Tymber Oliver, Writer

Since we are living a new life – one that revolves around COVID, there have been many changes to our life including education and the safety of our students. Some students have chosen to attend school in person, and others have chosen to stay virtual. Due to the uprising of new cases on the football team, the opening of school was delayed until this week.

Many measures have been taken due to parents and faculty wanting the best possible version of what was once considered to be ‘normal.’ The school has plexiglass screens around desks, students alternate increased lunch shifts, and teachers have hand sanitizer, 75% alcoholic wipes that students use to clean their desks before they’re about to leave to switch to their next class, gloves for teachers, a stronger cleaner for teachers to use, and multi-fold towels. 

What do students think about the safety measures in place? Lilian Martin said, “I think the proper measures are being put into place, but some are not being followed consistently.” Reagan Drake said, “I think there are proper safety precautions, but I think people are taking the situation for granted and aren’t always being as considerate of other people.”  

 33.3 % of people who took my school COVID safety survey feel that the courses of action we’ve taken are enough, while 66.7% think that we haven’t done enough.

When asked what the school could improve upon in a student survey, some responses said that we should have lunch outside.” Others implied that students should remain virtual.

Mrs. Lambert reminded everyone on the morning announcements how important wearing our masks is so that we can learn in a face-to-face environment. With diligence and consideration, we can enjoy some normalcy.