Remembering the 20th Anniversary of 9/11


Jordan McGowen, Contributor

The terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001, is a date that will never be forgotten in American History. When two planes had struck the Twin Towers, war had begun with America and Afghanistan. The following attacks with a plane into the Pentagon just furthered the destruction and casualties. Out of the first three planes, a fourth was to strike Washington D.C, but the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 were able to storm the cockpit and commit the greatest sacrifice by having the terrorists lose control of the plane and crash into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. 

By the end of the attacks, over 2,996 people were killed and over 10,000 were injured in all 4 events that took place that fateful day. Though many lives were lost, many cases of sacrifice and heroism were committed that day with those of the passengers on Flight 93, the firefighters, and police officers that thought about nothing, but saving others that lives could have been lost if it weren’t for all of them. Through the ash and the rubble, people gathered together to help and rescue others trapped or lost in the rubble of the Trade Centers. This moment in history shows the patriotic acts that America stands for. 

Over 20 years later, thousands of Americans come to the Memorials of all four of the attacks to remember those who had lost their lives that day. Millions world wide watch on the news and other shows that broadcast the memorials and remembrance of 9/11. These attacks have brought a large jump in security at airports. Before 9/11, people were able to walk up to their gate with their families and check in from there without any need of TSA, metal detectors, and baggage checks. Now, airports enforce tight security to ensure the most protection for the passengers and the crew of the airlines to reduce any chances of a hijacking incident. 

The city of Madison, Alabama police and fire honor guard held a 9/11 ceremony at Toyota Field. Bob Jones ROTC recognized 9/11 by hosting a flag ceremony in the front of the school. Coach Kent Chambers shared on Twitter, “Young people, I challenge you to talk with somebody today that remembers this day, 20 years ago. Don’t ever forget!”

Zachary Glossup, a freshman, said his feelings about 9/11: “It was a very tragic and terrible day in American History that will forever go down as a day of disaster and aggression against the United States.” He felt that the memorials that happen every year are very patriotic and well felt. Glossup also expressed his feelings on Airport Security. He said, “It is extremely necessary to protect and save lives at airports whilst also preventing a similar disaster from happening again.” He hopes that now Airport Security is good enough to prevent terrorist attacks like these from ever happening again. 

 Though it’s been over 20 years since the attacks, patriotism and heroism still lie within the hearts of many Americans who never forget and remember those who committed the ultimate sacrifice for their country. With the upgrades of Airport security and the protection of American citizens, there is a hope that events and attacks like these will never happen again on American soil.