Health Scores at Bridgestreet’s Restaurants


Ari Heuer, Contributor

Did you know that some of Bridgestreet’s restaurants have low health scores? You might want to think twice when buying your Christmas gift cards this year.

First, some Bridgestreet restaurants are doing well. We have a score of 99 at Le Macaron French Pastries, a 97 at Cinemark (the movie theater), and a 91 at Cafe 153. 

Now let’s look at the bad scores. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse scored an 82, but just two weeks later at another inspection, they scored a 60. Connors also had a low score, and for the money one might spend at Connor’s, I think we’re expecting the restaurant to be sanitary.

Then we have the brand new Cheesecake Factory, which just opened in October. Mike Brown and Megan Plotka of 48 WAFF news reported, “The inspector’s notes begin ‘I observed an employee drop tomatoes on the floor in the kitchen, grab tomatoes off the floor, then place tomatoes back in a metal pan for storage.'” You can read more about Cheesecake Factory HERE.

So what do these scores mean? Here is a graphic from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

The health reports cover management and employees, food conditions, equipment and utensils, water and sewage, physical facilities, and poisonous or toxic materials.

Do customers take these reports seriously? I surveyed people about the low food scores and 19 people out of about 31 said that they would not eat at those places until they were in compliance.