The New Courtyard Parameters


Emily Duong, Contributor

On Wednesday September 28th, new signs were put up at the entrances of both the senior and general courtyards, stating who is allowed in each courtyard. Yes, we may want to bask in the sun and/or enjoy the fall weather that has just arrived, but we can only do that in the right areas.

Freshmen are officially not allowed outside (sorry youngsters, maybe next year). In the general courtyard (the one near the art rooms with the swings and sidewalks); only sophomores and above are allowed to be out there during lunch. Mr. Runnion stated that since seniors have their own courtyard, administration wanted to have a sort of tier privileges for the other upperclassmen, something they gain as they get older. The senior courtyard is, well, seniors only, always has been but has now been reiterated. Runnion said that the senior courtyard is treated as a privilege for the seniors, but lately, it has come to his attention that non-seniors have been sitting out there, so when seniors come to him about it, he handles it, but since it is possible not all students know about it being senior-only, signs have now been added.

Some students have their opinions and thoughts on these restrictions. Junior Elena Saorrono said she “think[s] the signs preventing freshman from sitting outside is a good idea. They’ve been unnecessarily rowdy this year, and vandalizing the swings just ruins the fun for everyone.” She also added that personally, she thinks, “11-12 graders should be able to sit outside in the courtyard, while 10-12 graders should sit outside in the swings.” Senior Hannah Evans states that if littering and horseplay are reasons behind the restrictions, “I feel that it’s not a matter of grade, but just certain people from several grades responsible… This seems almost like a whole class getting punished for one or a few people. However, if the grade restriction is from another reason or based on the fact that a high majority of a grade is vandalizing the courtyards, then I understand.” Runnion said that though vandalism is not exactly the reason for the new guidelines, they are trying to fix the trash issue outside.

Remember guys, do not be in an area you are not supposed to be in. If you meet the grade requirement, then go outside and enjoy the sun (responsibly, of course, take care of our courtyard)!