Construction on Hughes Road Nightmare Ending?


Emma Rettie, Contributor

If you live in the Madison area, you know about the construction widening the road on Hughes Road. You’re also probably happy to see workers making progress this week. The City of Madison posted this on its social media on September 29th: “Crews are currently paving Hughes Road and working on the light intersection at Hughes and Eastview Drive. This is a long-awaited step… in this project.”

The original project was set to be finished on March 30, 2021. In March, Mayor Finley said the following to WAFF, “We’ve worked through over 40 different utility conflicts of where we need to put drainage in, but we need to make sure we don’t mess up any of the Huntsville Utilities or Madison Utilities.” Finley also said, “The project is almost at its conclusion.” That March estimation was a little off. It was then set to be completed in the fall or winter of 2022. 

This project has affected Madison residents’ day-to-day life. I personally can think of many occasions where I have had to leave my house unnecessarily early for school because of the construction and the backup it causes in the mornings. Mayor Finley stated, “We are adding another lane to the crowded road.” 

One teacher at Bob Jones says that she is “excited to see it come to an end.”

Hughes Road is a major road in Madison, and one of its most crowded locations has to be the area in front of Discovery Middle School and Bob Jones High School. The construction mixed with the after-school traffic has been frustrating. We’ll see how much longer the bright orange traffic cones stay, but maybe the end is really in sight.