Not All Millennials Take Seflies


Kemi Anderson, Writer

Millennial: Noun; a person reaching adulthood in the early 21st century. We’ve all heard the name millennial, and we all know the negative connotations it carries. When you hear the word “millennial”, you typically think something along the lines of “lazy, technology-obsessed, and self-absorbed,” but the question is, is it actually true?

Many people are in the mindset that millennials aren’t the best kind of people. In 2016 in a Forbes article, a survey found that 71% of Americans found millennials to be selfish, while 65% of Americans found them to be entitled.

Discussions on social media about millennials tend to reflect that we ruin things for the rest of the population, but I’m not sure if I agree with that. Saying that all millennials are terrible is stereotyping the modern generation, and we can’t help that we were born in the 21st century.

Sarah Lovelady, a senior, explained how she felt. “I do not believe that all millennials are ‘no good’ kind of people, but I do believe that there are some snobby people that don’t care about important things; they take some things for granted.”

Kaitlyn Gallaspy, a junior here at Bob Jones, also shared her opinion on millennials. “I don’t think any generation is better or worse than the other; I think it all depends on the resources that are available to us. Fortunately, our society has been blessed with large amounts of technology.”

I, personally, believe that the term “millennial” should not be used as an insult and never should have been turned into a negative word. I believe that, with all generations, we stick to what we know and we use the things that have been presented to us. We just so happened to be around during a time of very advanced technology. While I admit, some millennials can, at times, be a little social-media-obsessed and maybe a dash arrogant, everyone is different, and to put us all into one class would be stereotyping an entire generation of people.

With every generation comes egocentric people, so let’s not label anyone born into the 21st century as such.