Is Your Outward Appearance Important?

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Is Your Outward Appearance Important?

Savannah Plume, Writer

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Parents have told a large majority of us to, “Go take a shower,”or have asked, “Did you even brush your hair today?” As a child, I always found these comments to be annoying, especially if I brushed my hair only moments prior. Why would I care what other people thought about my appearance? However, over the years you could say I have run a few “experiments” or that I just realized how to live through high school.

A large majority of people like to look at the positive side of being lazy with their looks, saying things such as, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters.” Honestly, no one can look at you and decipher your personality with one glance. People do, however, try to assume your personality in one glance. If you look like you just rolled out of bed with a look on your face that could make babies cry, not very many people will see you in a positive light.

As someone who has gone between putting no effort into their looks to someone who spends an hour and a half getting ready in the morning, I can say the difference in how people treat you is quite a gap.

Before, when I wore nothing but Legend of Zelda t-shirts, oversized hoodies, skinny jeans, and Converse, I felt like people dreaded talking to me. Most people even forgot I was in the room. Teachers have left me off seating charts and even locked their doors forgetting I was inside! When peers spoke to me in class, they always finished the sentence with an irritated grunt or insulting names that deserve a punch to the face, but let’s not get violent here…

Now, with taking an hour and a half to get ready in the morning, and my fandom merchandise stored deep into the pits of my dresser, those around me no longer sound agitated or annoyed when they have to talk to me. It was a subtle change and people are still rude to me from time to time, but the non-stop compliments on my outfits overshadows all the negativity. Who doesn’t want to get a large amount of compliments every day from people you’ve never seen before?

Not only are the compliments great, but people listen to you when you’re talking, remember your name and believe you’re a respected person. This could mean a brighter and better future for you. It has been proven that those who are seen as more attractive have an easier life ahead of them. They are able to get the advantage at an interview and are overall seen as healthier and cleaner.

Is your outward appearance important? My answer is yes. At least to an extent. How clean you look and the clothes you wear will cause first impressions to be seen in a more positive light, but it sets the standard for the rest of your actions and words.
Even with this, it isn’t a bad thing to look hygienic and healthy.

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