iPhone Hype: 7 Finally Ate 9

Terrell Jennings and Noah Madkins


Amani Hendricks, Writer

It’s 2017, and for Apple that means it’s time to come out with the next “revolutionary” phone. This September marks the release date of the iPhone 8 followed by the iPhone X release in November. It has only been a year since we were gifted with the iPhone 7, and now there are two new phones hitting the market. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love new toys, but it almost seems like Apple keeps trying to outdo itself. What ever happened to quitting while you’re ahead?

Compared to the 7, the iPhone 8 will have a faster processor, more storage and an improved display with true tone technology. The plus model also offers extra camera features as well as wireless charging.

Apple has not only created an iPhone 8, but they have also skipped straight to 10, bypassing number 9 entirely. The iPhone X is 40% more expensive than predecessor. With that extra cost, the iPhone X does come with a few upgrades, including a screen that covers the entire face of the phone. This newfangled screen will remove the home button from the phone entirely.

It seems as though every year a new iPhone can be expected to remove and upgrade things that were never a problem to begin with. The iPhone 7 started this trend by removing the headphone jack from the phone. Claire O’Neal, an 11th grader, said, “I thought it was annoying because I would have to buy new headphones and I couldn’t charge and listen to music at the same time.”

Not only will Apple not be reinstalling the headphone jack for the iPhone 10, but they have also removed the home button as well. The Apple home button has become a constant fixture seen in every iPhone to date. It is also loaded with physical features like Siri and Touch ID as well as functioning (to many) as a second home button.

With all the functions of the home button and the practicality of the headphone jack, why would Apple decide to trash both when few people were complaining about either? What’s next– an iPhone 13 missing the volume buttons? Soon the newest iPhone will be an empty case that comes in the color rose gold.