To Gather or Not to Gather


Bailey Green, Writer

The big question during the holidays this year is whether or not it’s safe to gather together. With masks mandates and immunocompromised family members, some families are choosing to stay at home. Others are willing to take the risk in order to have some form of normality during this holiday season.

Out of all the Bob Jones students that were interviewed, 25% of them were not visiting family, while 75% were. Student Garland Lockwood answered, “Yes, although corona is a bad thing, they’re family. I’m also sure they would tell you if they tested positive for corona.” Most students seem to feel the same way. The risk of getting the virus is worth it, as long as they get to see their family.

Some students seem to disagree with this viewpoint though. Student Sophie Euto said, “I don’t think we should because it’s just super unsafe, and you don’t know what you could be exposing your family members to.” This is a big concern when it comes to immunocompromised families and the families have a right to be worried. According to a poll done by Morning Consult, 47% of the people polled have cancelled their holiday get-togethers this year. To them, safety outranks the holidays.

If you do plan on gathering, then your best option is to stay safe while doing it. You should avoid groups larger than ten and try to avoid going out in public. Families should also avoid close contact like hugging, and dishes should be washed immediately after use and never shared. If you have an immunocompromised family member, student Roland Sims suggested that maybe “having everyone tested for COVID-19 or checked for symptoms. Bring hand sanitizer to the gathering, and make sure everyone wears masks when they can.” If the weather permits, visit with family and even dine outside if possible. You can also check the CDC website for official holiday guidelines.

The holiday season is a big deal to many families. It’s a time of gathering and celebration.  Just remember to never let your guard down when it comes to the coronavirus.