Cross Country Crushes It

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Matthew Pimmel, Writer

After a long season of 5k’s, hill runs, and many, many songs butchered by their karaoke, the Bob Jones cross country team has returned from the Sectionals Championship at Palmer Park with a one way ticket to State! 

When the official season began on August 7th, the first few meets spelled a bumpy season ahead for the runners. However, through hard work, determination, and dedication, (With some good, not-humid weather on the side) the team managed to turn just another mediocre season into one of the best seasons the team has had since 2014. Long time member Mateo Santiago comments “I’m statebound with my brothers, and wouldn’t want to go with anyone else.”

Hannah Thuss starting strong in 2nd place.

Despite the victory, results overall were much more of a mixed bag. Unfortunately, the majority of the girls team won’t be going, as a combination of injuries and bad luck caused them to finish 7th in their region. Only Hannah Thuss will be going along with the boys team.

The boys team was much more fortunate, finishing 2nd in their region, though they still had some difficulty throughout the race. Many athletes were unable to beat their personal bests as the cold temperature and stiff winds were challenges to overcome. Even though the boys will be competing, many agree the team feels empty without the girls. This race signaled the end of the season for many members of the team.

Athletes Harrison Jackson and Isaac Allen scaling a large hill mid race.

The State Championships will commence on Friday, November 8th, and expectations are high. Will the Cross Country team be able to take 1st place? Only time will tell.