High Point Climbing Gym


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Austin Minor, Writer

Maybe you’re looking for a new kind of fitness program in the new year…. If so, you should try rock climbing. If you are having trouble finding a place to try rock climbing, I suggest High Point Climbing Gym. It opened recently in Huntsville, and it’s about a ten-minute drive from Bob Jones. 

With many such gyms opened across the country, the site has earned the title “the country’s coolest climbing gym.” There are also gyms located in Chattanooga and Birmingham, so you may have seen them before. Though it’s already pretty impressive, the two owners, Johnny O’ Brien and John Wiygul, aren’t done with the gym yet, and it will continue to grow and evolve to keep it fresh for climbers.

Why should you try rock climbing? There are many benefits. It’s social. Anybody is welcome at the gym, even complete beginners. They offer lessons on how to climb and get better at it. The gym is a great atmosphere for families. The whole family can climb together. The 25,000 square foot site has its room for kids to climb in. Then the more challenging courses are farther into the building. The kid climbing room also has a custom-built Saturn V rocket for the young ones to climb.

In my experience, the staff  were patient and the service was overall amazing. The area was clean. They even have custom lockers to put your personal belongings in.  The gym’s prices are fairly reasonably, but if you need a discount, look for the half-off the price days.

Even some colleges are recognize rock climbing as a sport. The next time you have nothing to do or if you just want to have more fun with your fitness activities, head over to High Point Climbing Gym.