Patriot Podcasters


Ashlee Sunderman, Writer

This semester, students pitched some Patriot Paths they’d like to see, and several new paths were created. One of these new Patriot Paths was mine, Podcast Club! We had our first meeting during Patriot Path this week; we went over the basics of podcasting and played some games before brainstorming podcast ideas

Podcasts are gaining popularity by the day, and it seems like there’s a podcast for virtually everything. 66% of students polled enjoy listening to podcasts, typically while cleaning or driving.

Nearly 20% of students surveyed were interested in making a podcast, and this new club is the perfect opportunity!

Podcast Club encourages students to make their own podcast every week as a way to express opinions and interests in a productive, cool way. Podcasting is super easy, and good quality podcasts can be produced for no cost, which makes it easier for high school students who want a way to express themselves. The goal is to make a podcast every week, getting better and more confident with each podcast.

Podcast Club will be a monthly Patriot Path located in Mrs. Dauma’s room, C113. There will also be a monthly meeting in the morning, so we’ll be meeting twice a month.

Another perk is the amount of creative freedom allowed to members of the club, the only limitations on what you can create are copyright laws and school rules. Podcasts can be serious or comedic, part of a series or a stand-alone, and how you make the podcast is completely up to you!