Bernie Sanders Memes: Highlight of the Inauguration


Ally Hayes, Contributor

Twitter is a wonderful website that blesses us with some of the best memes that have the power to bring the internet together. No matter how you feel about a topic, you can always laugh at a good meme. The most recent meme that has become our social glue is the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme. He’s been the topic of memes before, but these are just so diverse. I mean, people are putting this man’s face everywhere: Ariana Grande music videos, Up, football fields, but still no one has given the man a hat.

Most people would think that an inauguration wouldn’t be a very meme-able moment, but gen-z has proven time and time again that comedy can be found just about anywhere. With all the seriousness of swearing in a new president, somehow, by dressing for the weather, Bernie Sanders has become a source of laughter and enjoyment for the internet. The memes are never-ending – no matter how often I refreshed my Twitter feed, there were more Bernie memes.










I’m not really sure how much Bernie knows about football, but there is no doubt in my mind that this man would be absolutely ecstatic over Alabama’s national victory. 









….Now who is going to get him down?

In all seriousness, it makes sense that Bernie Sanders would come out as the highlight of the inauguration among the younger audience. He was the millennial and generation-z left-wing preference, and when he dropped out of the race, it left many young voters disappointed. However, with the presidency secured in the democratic favor, it has settled the hearts of many people, and it is time to celebrate. Celebrate with memes that is.